To each his own: TruePlay’s solution for everyone

TruePlay is a blockchain-as-a-service platform for gambling projects. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The difference? Core concepts of honesty and transparency.

Some might think this is another marketing concept or promotional strategy. Yet, at TruePlay, we believe these two simple words — honesty and transparency — describe and communicate our core values to all the industry stakeholders. Having had years of experience in the business, we now strive to eliminate mistrust between gamblers, operators, affiliates and game providers, and help them, once again — enjoy the game.

How do we do that? Here’s what TruePlay brings to the table for each member of the community:

1. Gamblers.

They want to play (obviously) and win! More accurately, they want to win more money than lose, although, sometimes, losses are good because they make the game more exciting. But it is more important for gamblers to be sure the game outcome is fair. Game results must not be connected with, for example, size of the bets or anything else. Only pure odds.

Unfortunately there are a lot of online casinos that continuously change the rules during the game without gamblers expecting anything. We’ve solved this problem. Gambling on TruePlay platform means that all gamblers are protected from fraud. No one can interfere and juggle the mechanics thanks to blockchain technology, which serves as the basis of the platform. The system always generates the sequence of game rounds before the game begins. Moreover, everyone gets complete access to the overall game stats directly from game provider.

One more thing we’ve taken care of is user-friendliness. We believe that gamblers want more than just fair play. They don’t want to worry about different limitations, difficulties with payoffs and so on. Nothing should distract or annoy gamblers . That’s where TruePlay comes in. We’ve made it so there is no need to register in different games separately, wait for payments and send a bunch of documents to approve every transaction. All gamblers need to do is to register on TruePlay and pass the KYC procedure (Know Your Customer). We’ve based the platform on a unified game currency — TPLAY — and guarantee all winning payouts instantly, regardless of the size. It also means gamblers can conduct instant transactions and payments with no limitations of amounts.

2. Operators.

Everything we mentioned before also positively affects companies that organise online gambling, casinos, bets, etc. Honesty and transparency is embedded in the TruePlay platform to ensure trust and loyalty of gamblers and makes gambling more attractive. Single game currency and our KYC procedure remove risks of financial fraud. No more issues with payments being stolen from credit cards. And both operators and gamblers will have a proof of payments and services that were provided.

We have even more surprises — and they’re huge!

Remember we have guaranteed gamblers instant payouts regardless of their size? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you need to hold huge amounts of money in reserve. We will create the reserve ourselves so that you’ll have money for marketing and loyalty programs, for example.

Also, you can forget about unstable traffic. Blockchain technology allows us to make content available at high speed, even where internet coverage is spotty. Plus, because TruePlay platform isn’t tied to a certain geolocation, together and there’s a big bunch of games from world game providers available — your audience will literally be worldwide — in every country where online gambling is legal.

By the way, TruePlay already cooperates with PokerDom and Gamingtec! The former already accepts TPLAY tokens and the latter launched the fully TruePlay based pilot project!

3. Game developers.

We know what development is and we know how vital it is for you to focus on the important things. As we mentioned, TruePlay solves problems with content availability and audience. But, there’s another issue. Bureaucracy and sluggishness of big companies can slow development, especially when it comes to integration of new games.

The TruePlay platform makes the integration of new games seamless and smooth. No additional technical work is needed.

We have already integrated games of Spinomenal into the TruePlay platform.

4. Affiliates.

Usually affiliates face a number of financial problems. Again everything is linked with honesty and transparency. Sometimes shifty operators can cover and manipulate gamblers’stats to delay, or even stop, payments for no reason. Affiliates don’t have access to all of the necessary game stats and can’t verify if those stats are true or not. They may think their gamblers simply stopped playing while operator gains all of the profit.

In the TruePlay this is technically impossible. All transactions between participants are tied since they registered in. It guarantees the access to overall correct statistics and instant payments of the reward.

Still have any questions how the platform works? Drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

P.S. Our token sale starts in May, so be sure to follow our social media for more updates!

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